WiFi Verification Survey

Critical enterprise WiFi networks require verification and optimisation services to ensure they perform to the level expected by todays mobile workforce.

In Depth Documentation

Verification and optimisation

Verification and optimisation services validate a network to ensure that it meets the initial network design. The verification service confirms the following.

  • WiFi coverage areas
  • Application capacity
  • Authentication
  • WiFi roaming
  • QoS - Quality of Service
  • And much more..
Wireless Survey Heatmap

Verify WiFi coverage

Easily confirm your WiFi coverage.

Confirming the coverage and the capacity of a WiFi network is one of the most important element of any newly installed WiFi network.

Only then can you be confident that what was defined in the plan and design phases, has been achieved.

In Depth Documentation

In-Depth Documentation

All the information and recommendations can be found in one report.

A detailed report containing all of the discovered issues, a WiFi coverage heatmap and our recommendations on how to improve the network will be made available.

Channel Analysing


With all the information gathered from a verification survey, it is time to optimise.

The Wireless Optimisation Service takes the results from the Verification survey and performs the fine tuning that is required. Typically both services can be repeated until the maximum performance of the network has been achieved.