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We can confidently say that we are the UK's leading wireless experts working exclusively with market leading wireless manufacturers such as Ruckus Networks, Aruba and Siklu.

Quick Facts about DigitalAir Wireless

  • The WiFi experts
  • Thousands of successfull deployments
  • Unique project lifecycle process
  • Fully managed support options
  • Based in the United Kingdom, covering all of Europe
  • Partnered & certified to work with leading wireless brands

The Wireless Warehouse Landscape

During the execution of flawless wireless designs we have evolved our wireless project processes to operate within our project lifecycle. Customers following the steps within our process ensure that they maximise the probability of success and gain the maximum return on investment from their WiFi network.

WiFi in warehousing environments

Mobility in the warehouse can dramatically improve productivity, resource utilisation and inventory management. Providing "anytime, anywhere" flexibility to workers that can replace paper-based reporting and inventory systems with real-time order fulfillment on handheld devices.

With the warehouse unified by a single wireless network, worker and manager productivity gains from the assurance of accurate, timely updates received for every order picked from the shelves.

This level of visibility also improves resource utilisation through just-in-time (JIT) inventory levels that allow you to stock products based on demand. Reduced inventory lowers capital expenditures and staffing costs, while allowing you to provide better service to customers with fewer out-of-stocks. Production lines can also be more rapidly replenished to avoid costly manufacturing delays.

WiFi enabled handheld device pose serious challenges to large warehouse environments. Unlike laptops, the orientation of mobile devices constantly changes making it harder for WiFi systems to deliver a rock solid signal.

Traditional omni-directional antennas were never developed to deal with this type of moving client and can not properly adapt to changing orientation of clients. This results in dropped connections and erratic WiFi performance.

Technology has progressed and the latest hardware and WiFi standard uniquely solves the vast majority of wireless problems. Join the technological advancements with the expertise of DigitalAir wireless, and you have a successfully deployed network.

Benefits of a great warehouse network

  • Connect more devices as your team grows
  • Take advantage of the latest technologies in IoT such as location aware applications
  • Provide lower latency and less drop outs increasing the clicks per minute, better voice-over-ip and much more
  • Simplify management of the network centrally or outsourcing of the maintenance to DigitalAir
  • Advancements in analytics to model and predict problems before they occur which reduces downtime and support time

Connecting multiple buildings together with wireless backhaul

Connecting multiple buildings together with the installation of wireless bridges greatly improves the data rates at which your network can communicate and reduce the high cost attached to providing fibre.

We offer solutions in both the unlicensed/licensed radio frequencies providing speeds over 10Gbps+. We have a catalogue of tested and installed solutions that cater for temporary links, short/long distance links and links within high density environments. For any new products to market (as we are always providing cutting edge solutions), we have an in-depth product on-boarding process to ensure any product quoted will always be fit for purpose and fully supported by our engineers before installing. DigitalAir deliver wireless connectivity with unparalleled performance and reliability.

Benefits of wirelessly connecting multiple buildings together for your warehouse:

  • High bandwidth
  • High availability
  • Fast roll out
  • Temporary and permanent links
  • 24hr Support desk
  • Disaster recovery
  • Leased lines back up

Book a wireless survey today

You should always have a wireless survey conducted before designing a network upgrade or fresh install. Conducting a wireless survey provides the much needed information to correctly plan and design a network.