Ruckus SPoT

Take advantage of Wi-Fi beyond basic connectivity to improve operational efficiency and engage customers like never before. The Ruckus location services product (SPoT) enables retailers, stadiums, and transportation hubs to enhance the way they interact with customers based on precise location. Deployed on top of Ruckus WLANs, Ruckus SPoT doesn’t require any additional hardware and has unlimited scalability in the cloud. Send real-time travel updates, targeted promotions, and even classroom notes through footfall traffic and proximity analytics to enrich customer relationships.

SPoT comes in two flavours:

SPoT Point:
Detects client locations in real-time through drop-pin analytics, with a range of 5-10 meters at 80% confidence. SPoT Point is well suited for high-density deployments. SPoT Presence services provide venues with low access point density with footfall analytics and device positioning at proximity accuracies.
SPoT Presence:
Uses proximity analytics to detect overall number of devices location to the nearest AP. SPoT Presence is a cost-effective solution with location analytics that is ideal for smaller venues with fewer APs.


  • SPoT Point has 3-10 meter accuracy with 80% confidence
  • SPoT Presence displays clients positioned to the nearest AP. Heat maps show clients as coloured spots around the AP.
  • Footfall traffic visualisation via heat map, by zone, floor, or venue.
  • View hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly data up to 30 days with Presence, 90 days with Point.
  • Real time heat-map (per-minute, auto-refreshed) and total footfall counter.
  • Real-time Wi-Fi asset tracker.
  • Repeat versus new device counter.
  • Repeat count distribution.
  • Average dwell time and distribution
  • Feature rich APIs available; Wi-Fi client location data, timestamp, client MAC address, zone info, in/out, venue, zones, floors and more.

We import your floor plan maps into SPoT to be able to provide heat mapping.

All data is encrypted end-to-end: south-bound between controller/AP and SPoT engine, and also between SPoT engine and analytics/mobile app APIs. The data is normalised and compliant to GDPR

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