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WiFi is no longer just another amenity at hotels. It has become a prerequisite for doing business - period. A recent survey showed 67% of people rate Free WiFi as one of the most important factors when choosing a hotel, it was more important than how they rated a good night's sleep.

Benefits of providing WiFi

  • Guests using WiFi will share and promote your hotel on social media.
  • Offer promotions and updates through a guest portal.
  • Provide more efficient ways to interact with guests.
  • Better promotion decisions through collected analytics.
  • Wireless point of sale systems can allow staff to take orders for foods and other amenities at poolside and around the property

Ruckus Wireless for hospitality

As the number one Ruckus Wireless value added reseller, we are able to work with hotels that want faster, more reliable WiFi services at a lower overall cost of ownership.

Benefits of Ruckus Wireless hardware

  • Stronger WiFi signals
  • Ubiquitous coverage
  • Better, more stable connections
  • Consistent performance

DigitalAir Hotspots

DigitalAir Wireless work with the leading WiFi guest solutions on the market, so if you are simply looking to offer "free" internet access to your guests or would like to gain free social advertising we can assist.

Hotspot Accept T&C's

Your customers just need to accept the terms and click on the Login button. Your hotspot comes with a custom splash page design which is also optimised for mobile devices.

Hotspot Data Capture

Optionally you can add fields that need to be filled out by your guests. Request email, phone number or other data with the ability to ask up to 5 custom questions. All data can be exported.

Hotspot Vouchers

You can give a unique code to your customer which limits the usage as needed. Voucher codes can be generated and printed out from the Control Center using our tool which creates high quality printable files. You can also export the codes in csv format and import them into the system of a hotel or cafe so you can print the codes onto the receipt.

Hotspot Social

After connecting to your Wi-Fi network, customers are forwarded to your own splash page. Based on the setup, they may have to use social accounts to log in or check-in to your place before they can use the internet for free. A message can also be posted on their walls in the background, like "Enjoying coffee @ MyAmazingCafe, I recommend coming! :)".

Hotspot Paid

You can offer different types of Pre-Paid Vouchers to guests so they can pay for them by cash or take card payments online and generate a source of reoccurring income from users.

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