Hospitality & MDU

WiFi is no longer just another amenity within hospitality. It has become a prerequisite for doing business - period. A recent survey showed 87% of people rate Free WiFi as one of the most important factors when choosing a hotel, it was more important than how they rated a good night's sleep. It doesn't matter if you are a restaurant, MDU, hotel or camp site, customers want and expect a home WiFi experience wherever they go!

Owner benefits of providing good WiFi

  • Happier guests
  • More positive reviews
  • Less complaints
  • More chances of social media sharing
  • Another medium to engage with guests
  • Gather location intelligence on guests
  • Mobilise payment systems

Our WiFi services for hospitality

As the leading UK WiFi experts, we have worked with hundreds of hotels, caravan parks and more. Our services within the hospitality sector are tailored to each customer depending on their requirements. Typically existing customers have come to us because they already have a WiFi network, but it has not met their customers expectations. Applying our lifecycle to every project, we can determine the best route of action and design a network that will exceed every expectation.

Benefits of partnering with DigitalAir Wireless;

  • Understand every stage of the project
  • Provide reliable WiFi
  • Ubiquitous coverage
  • Fully supported
  • UK based

Guest Access / Hotspots

DigitalAir Wireless work with leading WiFi guest solutions. These solutions are very customisable and depend on how you wish to serve WiFi to your guests. A typical guest experience may be to Accept T&C's. In this scenario guests are presented with a branded splash page. The property owner receives additional branding exposure here, and the user simply needs to accept the terms and they are connected to the Internet.

All splash pages are designed with a mobile first experience in mind and the guest network can be configured to remove the user from the network as frequent as you like, re-requiring the user to see the splash page and accept the terms and conditions again.

Guest WiFi can cap the data speeds, the total downloaded data, the number of devices and the total time they are permitted on the network. Property owners can choose wether they require data capture, or even charge for WiFi access which we see typically in Caravan sites.

Ensure your network is a success

Our wireless surveys provide in-depth reports to plan a successful wireless network. Check out our Project Life Cycle to learn more.