We provide carrier-grade networking solutions to enterprises requiring the connection of multiple sites with multi-gigabit wireless backhaul. For those who need to implement, upgrade and manage multi-site WiFi networks and those who need assistance with their switching. As wireless experts, we provide advice on the best approaches and most suited vendor solutions to deliver on your project requirements. Our wireless surveys are the best available. Our deployed networks provide the best value on the market.

Wireless backhaul services

Wireless backhaul offers many advantages over leased lines, from better availability to lower cost. Today, we can provide backhaul solutions from the same vendors the carriers use to backhaul their infrastructure. These very reliable solutions can scale from short range gigabit radio links to long range, multi-gigabit radios with advanced encryption and redundancy built in.

WiFi services

Enterprise WiFi is very complicated and often very often no two are alike. These networks need careful planning, designing, integrating, management and ongoing optimisation. We have services that meet the full spectrum of required WiFi networking skills for enterprises.

It is the time for WiFi 6

To take advantage of the latest innovations in networking, upgrading to WiFi 6 will already solve many problems previously experienced. This is because WiFi 6 has been designed to improve efficiency in high density areas and offer more security to name just a couple key features. To top those advancements, the capacity delivered from a single device is now capable of 9.6Gbps.

The on-going evolution in connected-things (IoT) from environment control, security cameras, motion detection, lighting and just about anything else that can be connected to the network is placing existing networks under huge strain. CTOs and other key stakeholders within your enterprise may already be requesting performance and features of the network yours simple cannot currently do.

Advanced analytical systems can now predict, and detect problems before they occurs. Enrolment solutions can provide secure, and simple on-boarding of BYOD for staff across multiple-sites while simultaneously reducing internal IT support and reducing networking related tickets. Location-aware solutions can assist in asset control. Multiple IoT systems can be managed under one single pane of glass. These are just the tip of the available services and solutions we can assist with.

What do enterprises get from DigitalAir Wireless

  • Reliable networking
  • Experienced account management
  • Consultancy from our experts
  • Dedicated project management
  • Detailed wireless surveys and accurate planning
  • Efficient, certified integration from a team of engineers
  • UK, SLA backed support packages

Start with our consultancy

We offer a comprehensive consultancy service to support enterprises who require assistance with their networking project.