Business's requiring solutions for killer coverage, connections that don't drop and fit within budget constraints can look to DigitalAir Wireless. DigitalAir have been providing the businesses with Wi-Fi since 2006, since the early adoption of 802.11g.

Have you come across these WiFi challenges?

  • Dead spots with no coverage
  • Slow speeds with low capacity
  • Connections and packages that drop
  • Unable to connect to the WiFi network
  • Constrained budgets to update the network
  • No guest access

Benefits of DigitalAir WiFi services

  • Ease of management - Take control of managing your own wireless network, or take a full management support package from DigitalAir
  • Fantastic pricing - Very strong connections with leading wireless manufacturers, including being the largest Ruckus UK partner
  • UK based support - Unparalleled support for wireless networks, from helpdesk support to same day failed hardware replacement
  • Security - Networks are implemented with the latest security standards to maximise network security
  • Reliable coverage - Guaranteed 100% coverage ensuring users always have the ability to connect anywhere within the zones
  • Leading hardware - Providing technology from leading manufactures provides reliable equipment

Features you can expect from the WiFi network

  • Consistent, reliable connectivity
  • Two to four times the coverage using fewer access points
  • Low packet loss and high performance
  • A safer environment with less interference, through "eco-friendly" adaptive signal technology1
  • System self-healing capabilities1
  • The lowest cost of ownership
  • Guest access for visitors
  • High capacity network capable of delivering all the data needed for a fast, sufficient network

1 When installed with Ruckus

What are the next steps to obtaining the best WiFi network for your business?

  • Call DigitalAir Wireless to receive a free consultation (0800 310 2050)
  • Provide site plans/floor plans to receive a proposed system design and budgetary no-obligation quote
  • Arrange for a site survey to receive a guaranteed coverage system design
  • Book a WiFi installations date supplied by our in-house certified engineers
  • Confirmation site survey to ensure 100% coverage, apply optimisations and network topology
  • Supported with a UK based team capable of providing next business day onsite replacement
  • Optional on-site training for network staff

Don't miss a byte

Our wireless surveys are the most in-depth reports on the market.