WiFi Project Lifecycle

15 years of designing and building WiFi networks has taught us to be meticulous in planning, design for the future and use industry leading practices when integrating. That is why we have designed our own unique five steps for network success.

Customers following the steps within our process ensure that they maximise the probability of success and gain the maximum return on investment from their WiFi network.

1. Plan
2. Design
3. Integrate
4. Optimise
5. Maintain


A successful WiFi deployment starts with a detailed plan phase

This phase begins with gathering initial specifications such as WiFi coverage, number of clients, types of devices and defining critical business applications.



Expert WiFi designs that meet the needs of today's mobile workforce

Coverage, capacity, applications, security are just some of the key elements taken into consideration of our designs while capturing the future aspirations of the network.



Experience is key to success when integrating wireless networks

Our engineers are extensively trained in physical installations, working at height, health and safety and they have active involvement in continually improving our processes.



WiFi network performance requires optimisation

Verification and optimisation services validates what was detailed in the planning and design phases have been achieved. Proactive optimisation is crucial in ensuring on-going application performance.



Critical business WiFi is only achieved from expert on-going WiFi management

Proactive maintenance ensures the on-going performance of your network. Maintenance and optimisation services are tailored to each specific customer and their needs.