We have been supplying schools up and down the country for over a decade. We know and understand the challenges faced today to run a network in the education sector. Ensuring safety for the students, followed by delivering the performance for todays and tomorrows technology are two of the primary drivers we are seeing behind network upgrades.

New legislations and policies are continually impacting how schools operate, budgets for I.T are becoming more restrained, yet schools are still expected to deliver time and time again first in-class networking capability across the entire campus. This is no small feat.

Have you come across these challenges?

  • In-appropriate content access
  • Illegal downloads
  • Time consuming student device on-boarding and no way to off-board
  • No safe way to provide BYOD
  • Lost assets
  • Security breaches
  • Lack of WiFi coverage
  • Slow speeds with low capacity
  • Remote buildings with no affordable way to connect
  • Inability to support teachers & students to using the network
  • No guest access
  • Rising network support tickets
  • Degrading network performance
  • Insufficient switching capability

These are just a few of the common challenges our customers have been faced with before coming to DigitalAir Wireless. With our expert consultancy services, we can tailor a network solution suited to your networking needs. Moving forward with our expertise in wireless surveys, we can plan & design the right network suited to the schools needs.

Benefits of DigitalAir Wireless

  • Wireless experts - Our expertise cuts us from the competition. No other IT company brings the same level of wireless expertese as we do. It is a bold statement, and we stand by it!
  • We are fanatical about educational WiFi - Our believe in enabling schools to provide safe and home quality WiFi in campus is paramount in todays learning environments. This passion to help schools, collages and universities exceed in meeting todays network demands gives them the reassurance of working with the right company for the project, DigitalAir Wireless.
  • Education pricing - Most IT companies can offer educational pricing from vendor hardware but often fall short in providing the same level of educational pricing for their professional services. We provide educational pricing right the way across our portfolio, no gimmicks, no catches.
  • UK based support - Having support and engineers on the ground here in the UK always gives customers the peace of mind we can respond quickly. When appropriate, we can site visit before an networking issue becomes a networking nightmare.
  • Todays network will support tomorrows demand - Following our unique project life cycle will provide a network design that not only meets todays network demand, but also one that takes tomorrows requirements into consideration.
  • The best security - Our networks are implemented with the latest security standards to maximise network security for all those connecting. We have extensive knowledge of the leading solutions to provide the maximum security for schools.
  • Rock solid infrastructure - It goes without saying, but we will say it anyway. All our networks form part of a rock solid infrastructure.

Get the A grade you deserve

Our expertise and customer service in educational WiFi is second to none.