A powerful guest WiFi access solution

Offer amazing guest experience & increased brand exposure with our guest access solution providing customised branding, data capture and multiple login options.

Flexible and higlhy customisable

High availability and redundancy to ensure hotspots are reliable 24/7.

Cross device captive portal

Easy to configure and manage

Small or large, enjoy the benefits of powerful hotspot management.


GuestManager takes takes care of ensuring a fantastic guest WiFi experience.

Secure access

If you are serious about your guests privacy and keeping their data secure whilst on your network then Wi-Fi GuestManager is one of the best solutions today that can offer secure access and onboarding for your guests.

Customisable portal

Promote your brand by customising your portal with our highly customisable portal configurator.


Allow guest to register and receive their secure credentials either via email or sms for that extra layer of sercurity.

Voucher based acccess

Use our voucher system to control access for your guests.

Sponsored access

Control guest access through our "Sponsored Employee Guest" solution, allowing clever granular control through your employees which in turn lowers overall management time.

Content filtering

Be in control of the content you want to allow your guests to access using our clever content filtering solution.

Example Portals

Our in-house designers can echo your brand

Captive Portal
Captive Portal
Captive Portal

Providing excellent user experience is made simple with GuestManager.

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Offer the best Guest Experience

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