WiFi Optimisation

Even the most precisely designed networks are subject to changing conditions that may require optimisation from time to time to maximise the efficiency of an WLAN.

Our unique service, designed for enterprise and carriers maximizes wireless network investment by providing clients with the technical leadership and expertise to enable their networks for optimal performance. This service surpasses our renowned health check service, which provides a resource of intelligence into their networks, but offers the client the procurement of an optimised wireless network.

Channel Analysing

Don't just discover problems, fix them

Optimisation you can rely on

Making the network perform to it's maximum potential is a specialist item of work. Applying survey data from our verification or health check surveys, we are able to apply our knowledge to optimise the network to it's full potential.


Industry Leading Heatmaps

Easily visualise the coverage of your network.

Heatmaps are the defacto industry tool to visualise network coverage, providing a clear way to see how the network is performing. Heatmaps compliment information gathered during a health check.