Healthcare entities depend on network reliability. With reliable networks, patients receive better treatment.

WiFi is one of the most trusted, ubiquitous wireless technologies offering high performance connectivity, government-grade security, and support for legacy devices. WiFi enabled devices are used to communicate patient records, imaging results, real-time patient monitoring data and more. In fact the industry is poised for 15% growth for the next five years in IoT related healthcare device shipments alone. The world is ready for a new era of connected healthcare, both in and outside hospital environments and WiFi will be the medium of connectivity.

Healthcare WiFi is mission critical and needs to serve thousands of connected devices on a constant basis. Ensuring the network has the capacity and durability to connect all the devices is critical to providing the highest level of patient care and any downtime should be considered 'high risk'.

We have been deploying WiFi solutions into healthcare for over a decade. We have seen and overcome many of the challenges associated with deployments in this sector. Rest assured our networking practices for healthcare are up to the task for a successful WiFi network. If you are not aware of our project lifecycle, please take a moment to read it. Our lifecycle provides the pillars of our successfully deployed networks.

Wireless challenges we can overcome:

  • Lack of coverage
  • Reliability
  • Slow speeds
  • Capacity
  • Poor user experience
  • Inability to connect to the network
  • No patient access
  • Analytics
  • Security
  • Legacy device support

More reasons to engage with us:

  • Utilise our expertise - Let the wireless experts solve your problems
  • Simplify network management - Take control of managing your own wireless network, or take a full management support package
  • 24/7 support - Unparalleled support for wireless networks, from 24/7 Helpdesk support to same day failed hardware replacement
  • Secure networking - Keep patient records safe and prevent bad actors and security breaches from happening via the wireless
  • Reliable WiFi - Deploy a WiFi network to function as it was designed
  • Deploy market leading equipment - We work with the leading WiFi network vendors from CISCO to Ruckus Wireless
  • Certified team - Our staff hold many industry certifications such as PASMA and Safe Contractor Approved.

If your project is going to tender, we are on several tender frameworks and would be happy to review and bid for your tender.