We have been installing and supporting Multi-haul links to organisations across Europe for over a decade.

Our Multi-haul link services are ideal for

  • Networking multiple buildings together
  • Building a wireless CCTV network
  • Networking multiple sites when leased lines is not an option
  • Replacing leased lines with a lower cost alternative
  • Providing a temporary site-to-multi-site links

As a specialist wireless company, we can provide your company with reliable connectivity using our industry leading wireless Point-to-Multipoint solutions: MultiBeam, MultiLink and MultiLine. Our solutions can deliver up to 10Gbps throughput for the most demanding of applications.

Full turnkey solutions include

  • Wireless link planning and designing
  • Full Project management
  • Health & safety site management
  • Link installation and integration
  • Fully inclusive on-site maintenance

Commercial benefits are

  • Flexible purchase, lease or managed service options
  • Significantly cheaper than laying fibre or leased line
  • Seven day installation turn around