Licensed Microwave Point-to-Point Links

Licensed wireless microwave is the highest form of wireless link technology - its ultra-reliable, low maintenance and found in the most critical networks.

What is a licensed wireless microwave link?

Licensed microwave links offer exclusivity to frequencies in the 7GHz to 40GHz spectrum.

Also known as "fixed wireless backhaul", licensed links are more popular as a result of noise interference in the unlicensed wireless spectrum, such as 2.4Ghz or 5.8GHz.

Licensed wireless bridges provide security from the risk of wireless interference from other outdoor radio frequency systems. This is the major reason to opt for a licenced unit where interference can degrade an unlicensed outdoor wireless bridge system's performance and in some cases even prevent the system from functioning at all.

Why consider microwave links?

Licensed microwave link systems are engineered to provide predictable multi-gigabit speeds with reliability of 99.999% uptime with no interference. We handle licence requests on a daily basis and take care of the paper work for acquiring the licences for our customers. The costs of licences vary so you will need a quote to understand the potential license costs associated for your solution.

When are licensed links mostly used?

  • Organisations looking to create a long distance LAN connections
  • Organisations looking to reduce the cost of existing leased lines
  • In high density areas suffering from RF interference
  • Mission critical data requiring 99.999% uptime
  • Telecommunications, campus networks, IP, PDH and SDH networks, intranets and LAN connections

When to consider opting for an unlicensed over licenced

  • Low density areas not suffering from RF interference
  • Budget constraints
  • Non-critical data transmission

Is Microwave right for you?

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