Wireless Point-to-Point

Industry leading wireless Point-to-Point connectivity solutions SkyBeam, SkyLink and SkyLine can deliver up to 10Gbps throughput for the most demanding of applications.

SkyBeam is our entry level building-to-building wireless link solution for lower throughput requirements with less business critical requirements.

Bridge link connectivity up to 1Gbps full duplex and is backed by a flexible onsite support service.

Skylink is our mid-tier building-to-building wireless link solution offering all of the benefits of SkyBeam but with wireless links starting at 1Gbps full duplex upwards.

Backed by our flexible onsite support service this solution is for that require a high level of up-time and great performance.

Our advanced SkyLine solution is an industry leading wireless Point-to-Point solution boasting up to 10Gigabits full duplex connectivity.

Backed by our onsite support service this wireless solution is for businesses that require maximum up-time and superior link performance.

Product Speed Description
SkyBeam Up to 1Gbps Cost Effective / Enterprise, lower throughput
SkyLink 1 - 5 Gbps Enterprise, higher throughput
SkyLine 5 – 10 Gbps Carrier-Class, high throughput

Typical wireless applications are:

  • Connecting two or more buildings together to provide a single network
  • Connecting multiple sites when leased lines is not an option
  • Replace leased lines with a lower cost alternative
  • Provide a temporary site-to-site link
  • Disaster recovery link in mission critical networks

Commercial benefits are:

  • Significantly cheaper than laying fibre or leased line
  • Flexible purchase, lease or managed service options
  • Investment protection
  • 7 day installation turnaround

Technical benefits are:

  • Superior bandwidth over traditional leased lines
  • lower latency than broadband
  • Simple network integration

Why choose us for your Point-to-Point connectivity

There are many practical reasons to work with DigitalAir on your project over your general IT supplier and some of them being;

  • Dedicated and certified account manager
  • Free link planning and consultation
  • Fast roll out and installation
  • 24hour help desk support
  • Next business day hardware replacement
  • Fully trained and certified engineers - No outsourcing
  • Seen as a safe pair of hands by the manufactures
  • More wireless expertise than any other wireless integrator in the UK