Wärtsilä 10Gbps Connectivity Case Study

Wärtsilä UK Ltd operate in the marine and energy markets with products and solutions as well as services for the shipping and power generation markets.

The Problem

Wärtsilä (Leicester) had recently taken on a new building within the same estate as one of their existing workshops. They required 10Gbps connectivity between the two buildings across 300 meters to extend the LAN to their new building. The connectivity would also need to provide high availability, reliability and also come with remote monitoring & reporting. The two buildings had line of sight to each other. Because of the high speeds and high availability, WiFi based radio backhaul links were ruled out. In addition, within the buildings two businesses operated. Each business required separate network links. It was also not suitable for any radio links to be mounted directly onto the side of the buildings.

The Solution

A wireless backhaul solution was the best option for Wärtsilä. For this project, DigitalAir advised and implemented wireless technology from the manufacturer Siklu. Siklu are the best in class for licence free mmW wireless backhaul solutions. The radios would operate in the licence free 60GHz & 80GHz spectrums. The specific hardware installed was Siklu 8010fx, Siklu 2200fx and Siklu MPL 400. For the separate network an EH-2200 would be installed. The MPL 400 would be installed as a backup link to meet the high availability requirement. The Siklu 8010 & 2200 operate in the 80GHz space and MPL 400 in the 60GHz.required cable routes & mounting locations.

For the remote monitoring of the wireless links, a reporting solution DigitalAir use for their customers was chosen.

To install the radio links, a scissor lift was used for the internal mounting and a Z45 for the accessing the external positions. An SJ66 cherry picker which provided 272kg capacity in the basket was also used. All three links were co-located, but the channels were separated to remove the need for multiple poles and therefore reducing the cost to customer.

To provide the stable mounting for the radios, DigitalAir created custom stainless-steel mounting platforms that were fixed to the steel structures of the building.

The mounts were installed above roof height to ensure a clear line of sight path for the links. This required cherry pickers to be used onsite, installed by our working at heights trained engineers.

DigitalAir is a certified SAFE contractor and all their engineers are IPAF and working on roofs certified.

DigitalAir was also commissioned for the structured cabling requirement performed with Cat6e.

To compliment the solution and provide ongoing reassurance for the link service, Wärtsilä took out a fully supported DigitalAir gold agreement.


To date, the links have provided 100% uptime.

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