London Olympics

Cisco Systems are the market leader in networking technologies with a revenue of over 46 Billion in 2012. Cisco Systems were awarded with being the network manufacturer for the Olympic games.

The Problem

The London2012 Olympics and Paralympics were a unique challenge and with Cisco being a proud sponsor to the event, delivering the world’s largest High Density WiFi network was always going to be a challenge.

BT, having overal responsibility for delivering HDWiFi into the eight Olympics venues on the park reached out to Cisco Advanced Wireless Services for high level consultancy.

The Solution

Cisco approached DigitalAir to provide high level resources to assist them in helping BT in delivering the world’s biggest High Density WiFi network.

Using the several years’ experience in surveying and designing WiFi network we were able to overcome the challenges that confronted us during the initial build-up to the games. Even during the games we were employed to manage and support the Wi-Fi network ensuring its performance and availability.

After The Solution

London 2012 reached a stage where local residents to london and the stadiums never went out of Wi-Fi range.