Cleansing Service Group is a leading and award winning force within the waste management sector. As waste solution specialists, CSG offers a complete variety of services ranging from collection to the nal disposal of countless waste streams.

The Company is steeped in heritage and has grown to become the second largest privately owned waste management company in the UK. The Groups’ head of ce is based near Fareham, Hampshire and operates from 28 sites stretching from Cornwall to Kent and up to Manchester and Middlesbrough in the north with drivers and operatives working throughout the UK.

A number of the 28 locations in the UK are made up of multiple buildings that are made up of warehouses and separate of ces. It is vital the of ces and warehouses have high speed connectivity between them to ensure the business can operate.

CSG contacted DigitalAir Wireless with a requirement to replace an existing link they had between two of their buildings at their Blandford based J&G Environmental site. The link they had in place was an FSO (laser) solution. It provided adequate throughput but had suffered from performance issues in the past. The network requirements were; high speed connectivity and high availability of 99.999% uptime.

The Problem

It became apparent that should the link ever fail it would be very dif cult to obtain replacement parts and the downtime on the link would cause major issues to the operation of the business. Waiting two weeks for replacement parts wasn’t an option they were willing to entertain.

Sourcing replacement parts was becoming an issue and we needed a reliable, maintainable solution.

The Solution

DigitalAir were contacted to provide a replacement solution that would perform as well, if not better than the existing link and provide support ensuring that downtime would be minimised should there ever be an issue. To help achieve this a site survey was carried out to scope out the best solution. During the survey, new mounting locations where scoped out that would ensure the link would be as stable as possible.

The existing link was replaced with a LigoWave RapidFire PTP Microwave link that provides greater throughput and uptime than the previous solution. A backup link was also installed to act as a failover in case the primary link should ever fail. Alongside this a support agreement was put in place that means should the link ever fail DigitalAir will be on site the next business day to remedy the issue.

The wireless bridge was mounted using galvanised steel bracketry to the roofs of each site. A cherry picker was used externally to gain access to the mounting locations and the job was completed in one day to ensure as little down time for the business as possible.