Broadstone Public Wi-Fi

Broadstone Chamber of Trade looked to improve the shoppers experience within the area and bring more trade to local shops. This was the latest initiative to keep the shopping centre vibrant and successful.

The Problem

Locating assets and street furniture that could be used to mount the equipment that met the council’s planning permissions, whilst being located in optimal positions to deliver the best coverage for the entire high street.

The Solution

Broadstone became the first High Street in Dorset to launch a free public Wi-Fi.

In addition to delivering an ultra-fast (Fibre Connected) WiFi network, we have made it compatible with the industries latest Hotspot 2.0/PasspointTM standard which allows seamless roaming from mobile carrier to WiFi network.

Simon Merry, Chair of the Chamber of Trade said ""This is an exciting step for a suburban centre. We are doing all we can to embrace technology to maintain a vibrant and successful centre for shopping and business. We can't beat the big on-line warehouses on their terms but we can offer a mix of experiences that includes a familiar High Street which is also on-line. Our surveying has shown that people want to feel welcomed and have choice when visiting Broadstone and free Wi-Fi helps fulfil this"".