Wi-Fi Mesh Networks

A fully mesh network delivers a self-configuring, scalable, and self-healing wireless network. Each mesh node will have redundant links to other mesh nodes which creates the inherent redundancy. Mesh networks are great for large outdoor environments as they can scale to many kilometres.

As wireless becomes critical to the core of a business, outdoor wireless mobility has an increasingly significant role in the overall success of an organization. Outdoor wireless solutions must perform at the same high level that traditional wired and indoor wireless networks do.

Outdoor wireless networks must also support a unique set of requirements, including:

  • Mitigation of RF interference for enhanced performance
  • New levels of security, performance protection, and policy enforcement
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Tight integration with existing networks

DigitalAir recommend the following wireless mesh networking solutions:

Ruckus Wireless Mesh

Ruckus Wireless Smart Mesh Networking is a unique, new approach to building high-performance wireless LANs. It reduces the cumbersome RF planning and costly cable backhaul by lowering the need to run Ethernet wiring to individual ZoneFlex™ Smart Wi-Fi access points.

Cisco Wireless Mesh

Extend high-performance connectivity to the outdoors with the next-generation Cisco Aironet 1550 Series wireless access point. This series is based on Cisco 802.11n technology with integrated silicon-level spectrum intelligence to detect, classify, and mitigate RF interference.

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