The last switch you will ever make

Businesses are facing uncertain times. By having a network that can scale to meet future demands, businesses are ready to enable growth and utilise IT resources cost effectively.

In fact, superior technology results in a 42% lower total cost of ownership over a five-year lifecycle, based on the nearest competitor at a similar level.

Staying ahead of the networking curve

The appetite for connectivity has never been so voracious. Many business networks are struggling to adequately serve the data and connectivity needs of today's enterprises. They need upgrading if they are to keep up with future networking demands.

Spending on traditional IT remains flat whilst spending on other areas is growing. Implementing eye-catching IT projects without a solid IT foundation won't deliver and, with limited resources for networking, IT departments have to be sure that their investment won’t quickly become obsolete. IT leaders recognise that networks need to be upgraded.

Bridging the gap between today and tomorrow

Networking requirements don’t stand still, but businesses can't start again every time they need extra capacity. A pay-as-you-grow model allows IT teams to scale their networks as the business grows. In fact 70% of businesses in EMEA plan to move more business functions to the cloud.


Businesses find themselves in a position where their next infrastructure upgrade delivers the superior technology and scalability required for the digital transformation of their business.