Siklu Etherhaul EH 5500-FD providing 5Gbps

I remember, like with most technology, being in awe at the specs first time around but retrospectively having a good’ol laugh at myself for doing so. Building a new PC with the dizzying heights of 5Gb HDD internal storage that at the time was the peak of what you could get your hands on, unless you worked for Nasa. Now, couldn’t even house a tiny slither of my music collection.

Upon first joining DigitalAir I knew wireless bridging existed but solutions capable of 1Gbps Full Duplex was a wake-up, as it was to many of the clients at the time that this could be done. Fast forward this four years on and 1Gbps is a very common affair for us. As 802.11ac has been appropriated into wireless bridging cost effective solutions can reach anywhere from 500Mbps to 850Mbps TDD.

Usage is only going to increase and even though 1Gbps is still more than enough for most enterprise class businesses we have seen throughput requirements creeping up. One of the most important questions for me when speaking with prospective clients is not only what throughput they want but what they really need? I'm finding more often now that if someone's asking for 1Gbps upon further discussion they'd be topping that link out in no time and the real requirement is more like 2Gbps plus... Enter Siklu.


Siklu for anyone within the industry wouldn't need an introduction. Anyone coming in fresh here's a little tasty titbit. The Israelis based company was founded back in 2008. Siklu is the global Microwave (Millimetre Wave) radio market leader. Siklu was first-to-market, advanced all-silicon technology expedited a wide adoption of mmWave devices bringing wireless broadband connectivity to diverse capacity hungry applications. Today, Siklu's carrier grade radios provide networks fiber-like wireless connectivity with predicted performance and enhanced capabilities. Siklu has over 45,000 links in operation worldwide.

One recent addition to their portfolio within their famous Etherhaul range is the 5500FD. This ludicrous bit of kit operates within the E-Band frequency range and will start its adolescent life as a 2Gbps full duplex solution. It has an effective range of 4Km and a decent range of dishes available depending on distance. A discreet 0.5ft for short links, 1ft and 2ft variants for those longer throws. It's main party piece though is the 5500FD is fully capable of achieving 5Gbps full duplex! Another big plus is that's it's very affordable for such a hefty specification.

In four years, I'll look back and say phah, 5Gbps?! it's inevitable but for now I can't help but be in awe again. We knew it was coming but now it's here we can't help but be excited about.

If this product is of interest, or you would like a free consultation and a quotation for both a capex option and our new opex based, Managed service with flexible payment and duration options please do not hesitate to give our wireless bridging team a call. please do get in touch. You can reach us on 01202 61240