Siklu EtherHaul - 600 Series

So here we go again. Another blog on another great product from Siklu. The 600TX is the big brother to the 500TX. It boasts up to 1Gbps throughput in a millimeter wave frequency at a very attractive price point. It’s also worth mentioning this is a carrier class product. It’s IP67 and recent tests indicate it has a mean time between failure of 113 years!

The 600TX operates the V Band (57-64Ghz). This is useful for many reasons;
  • No Interference – Although unsilenced, regulations require all V band radios to use beam width of no more than 2.5 degrees. The V band frequency is also subject to significant oxygen absorption which limits the range of the link as the RF dissipates dramatically as it travels through the atmosphere. You might think this is a bad thing but it is actually a very useful characteristic especially for dense deployments. Because the frequency can only go so far before it dissipates the frequency is very unlikely to ever become congested as we see with 5Ghz.
  • The V band part of the spectrum has 11 non-overlapping full capacity channels. This means you can pack these kits into a very small space and not have to worry about interference.

The 600TX has the bonus of being able to utilise 64-66Ghz which can extend the effective range far beyond your typical V Band solutions to 1.0Km. These frequencies do require a light license though Ofcom in the UK.

Small Form Factor – The size of this kit is amazing considering everything packed inside. Its dimensions are 16.5x16.5x10cm and within that small box you get the following;

  • Integrated 36dBi Antenna – No need to fit an external antenna.
  • Integrated 1Gbpp switch with POE in and out – useful for powering IP CCTV cameras or external Wi-Fi access points.
  • Adaptive Modulation – As with all true carrier class products, this kit incorporates adaptive bandwidth coding and modulation for the highest availability possible.
Siklu and External WLAN

It's worth noting that Siklu is a Ruckus eco-system Partner. This partnership means there are thousands of Siklu links deployed with Ruckus external access points (T300) integrated seamlessly so you can rest assured if you do have an external WLAN, Ruckus and Siklu go very well together.

Typically, with an external WLAN you use the 5Ghz for the backhaul between access points and 2.4Ghz for Wi-Fi coverage. This works for small deployments but with only 3 non-overlapping channels and an ever-increasing requirement for greater speeds it would be nice to use the 5Ghz for wi-fi coverage wouldn't it!

Siklu has the answer. The 600TX fits the bill perfectly. It's a perfect fit for pole mounting, it can withstand a small amount of wobble thanks to the 2-degree wide beams it utilises. It's small form factor means it's easy to mount and it provides POE to power your Ruckus access point meaning fewer cable runs are required.

In conclusion, the 600TX is a very versatile product. If you need to get data between two points for whatever reason, less than 1Km apart its defiantly worth a look.

If this product is of interest, or you would like a free consultation and a quotation for both a capex option and our new opex based, Managed service with flexible payment and duration options please do not hesitate to give our wireless bridging team a call. please do get in touch. You can reach us on 01202 612400