Ruckus SWIPE mobile application for access point provisioning

Managing your Ruckus network was transformed recently with the introduction of the SmartCell Gateway (SCG) and Virtual SmartCell Gateway (vSCG); in particular for those multi-site deployments. Not wanting to rest on their laurels, Ruckus have made provisioning the access points managed on the aforementioned platforms even simpler too; with the introduction of their new app Ruckus Smart Wireless Installation and Provisioning Engine (SWIPE).

Deploying a new AP is now as simple as scanning the barcode of the AP, entering in the AP Name, taking a picture of the installed AP, and choosing a configuration profile (AP Group) for that AP. The AP will automatically connect to the SCG & download the appropriate configurations. This vastly the reduces the time required on site for such an install.

Ruckus SWIPE makes it easier to remotely manage or troubleshoot existing APs by highlighting APs with issues and one-click navigation using Google Maps.


  • Provision AP's with a scan of the barcode
  • Troubleshoot using Google Maps
  • test the performance of existing APs and store the data
  • Eliminate the inefficient and error prone process of manually updating backend systems with AP serial number, MAC addresses, location, IP address, etc. using a notepad, email or phone