Have you heard about Aruba Instant On?

Small businesses deserve great Wi-Fi. "Aruba Instant On" delivers secure, high-speed wireless connectivity that’s hassle-free to set up and manage. Going with Instant On provides the same quality, performance, and exceptional support you’d expect from the premium Aruba brand.

1. What is "Aruba Instant On"?

"Aruba Instant On" is an Aruba Network that can be managed via the "Aruba Instant On" App.

2. How is "Aruba Instant On" managed?

The "Aruba Instant On App" lets you configure and monitor your network from anywhere over the Internet. Having remote management access via "Aruba Instant On" is helpful in a number of situations. For example, a business owner can see in real time how many customers are visiting the premises and using the Wi-Fi network or to deal with a problem.

The "Aruba Instant On" App, doesn’t require the manager to check in with the App periodically as it sends push notifications when something goes wrong. For example, if an AP's cable is accidentally disconnected, the manager will be notified. Real-time alerting gives managers the ability to respond and remedy connectivity issues immediately.

3. What happens to the Wi-Fi if connection to the cloud is lost?

Once "Aruba Instant On" is deployed and the AP's are on-boarded and active, they operate according to their configurations even if the link to the cloud management platform is lost. The bottom line is you don’t have to worry that the normal operation of the network depends on a constant connection to the cloud after on-boarding.

4. Is "Aruba Instant On" private and secure?

A huge advantage of buying "Aruba Instant On" is that small and midsize businesses not only get great network performance, but also the same best-in-class network security used by enterprises.

"Aruba Instant On" is designed to maintain strict data privacy. Aruba’s cloud architecture is used for management and monitoring only. Customer traffic is not sent to the cloud platform nor is seen in any way.

5. What does “enterprise security” really mean?

Cybersecurity has to be taken seriously, and Aruba has built in enterprise-class security features that make them a leader in the pack.

  • Secure by design. "Aruba Instant On" uses the HPE Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chipset on all AP hardware to ensure that no one can compromise the access point, change its boot-up software, or impersonate or disable the AP. The TPM secure chipset is used to strongly authenticate the APs and the cloud before they communicate with each other. If any security vulnerabilities are discovered, the APs will automatically update their own firmware.
  • Secure cloud communications. APs establish a secure connection with "Aruba Instant On" platform, and all communication is encrypted using SSL/TLS. The mobile App and web browser used for management also communicate securely using HTTPS, protected by account credentials provided by the user.
  • Strong authentication. "Aruba Instant On" uses WPA3, the latest Wi-Fi security available. It supports a secured open, robust encryption key exchange and the highest-grade encryption. That means you can be confident that all users and devices on your Wi-Fi are legitimately there, and communications remain private.
  • Block unsolicited traffic from the Internet. "Aruba Instant On" APs come with a built-in firewall that can block any unwanted or unsolicited traffic coming in from the Internet to keep bad actors at bay.
  • Disallow undesired traffic categories. "Aruba Instant On" APs have a built-in deep packet inspection (DPI) engine and firewall to offer visibility into the different application and website categories that users on each of the networks are accessing. Not only this, you have the ability to block one or more traffic types.
  • Quickly block malicious activity. Wireless devices can be blacklisted, so that a user device can be kicked off the network and will be blocked if it tries to re-join.
  • Simple, secure guest access. You can easily set up guest access, providing legal coverage for your business about the proper usage of the network. Guest traffic stays separate from employee or business traffic. "Aruba Instant On" automatically sets up different virtual LANs, ensuring that guest and employee traffic are completely isolated. It doesn’t stop there; you can even set up different employee networks for payment transactions or confidential departmental traffic.
  • Control Wi-Fi usage. You can control when employees and guests use the network too, so you can prevent people from using the Wi-Fi outside of business hours.
  • Great user experience. Many Wi-Fi products struggle when it comes to phone calls and video chats, and that’s frustrating for everyone. With Instant On, Wi-Fi voice applications are automatically prioritised, so that people have a good experience on conference calls and video chats. In addition, you can also set bandwidth limits to restrict usage of streaming video, for example.

To conclude, we think "Aruba Instant On" is a fantastic option for smaller businesses looking for a simple and convenient way to manage an enterprise class network with minimal fuss. Remembering Aruba is now part of HP, they have deep pockets to invest in R&D and will continue to provide fantastic new features to the solution. If you don’t believe Aruba will rock your socks off for any reason, you might also want to consider looking at Ruckus Networks Unleashed which is a competing solution from CommScope.

Whichever solution is right for you, you can’t escape the real need for a good wireless survey and design to get the most out of the network. Having amazing tools are at times only as efficient as the user using them. Making sure a wireless survey has been conducted is one of the very early steps you should take before deciding on investing in new hardware.