DigitalAir Wireless named top RUCKUS Wireless partner

Ruckus Wireless, a global Wi-Fi technology pioneer focused on building the next generation of Smart Wireless LAN systems has unveiled a new partner status for their partner program called "Alpha Dog", which has been awarded to the top partners.

DigitalAir Wireless has been named the UK's Alpha Dog, the partner grade awarded to the number one wireless partner for each country. DigitalAir's mission is to deliver private business and public sector organisations the latest in cutting edge wireless technology and in partnership with Ruckus they empower customers to benefit from the advantages of a true mobility experience for their workforce.

With a rapid new range of wireless technology set to hit the market in 2014, DigitalAir will be at the forefront in the UK to offer these products to our customers in the enterprise market, backed by their 100% coverage guarantee.

So what or who is Ruckus Wireless?

Ruckus Wireless is a leader in the wireless infrastructure market, enabling carriers and enterprises to stay ahead of the exploding demand for high-bandwidth applications and services. The Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi technology redefines what's possible in wireless network performance with the flexibility, reliability, and affordability. This is called Pervasive Performance.

Ruckus has been singularly focused on Pervasive Performance in wireless since beginning operations in 2004, and they continue to lead the industry in performance innovation. They have never relied on off-the-shelf, reference design radio technology - it just doesn't deliver the capacity, range or interference mitigation necessary to make the dream of high performance wireless a reality. Instead, they've assembled a team of the best and brightest wireless minds in the world to deliver the creative solutions needed to realise their Pervasive Performance vision.

So what is Pervasive Performance?

To all at Ruckus, it's their mantra. It's what they live every day; the first thought on their minds while they're enjoying their morning coffee to the last thing they think about as they're wishing their families a restful sleep. It's their ultimate goal.

To you, it may seem like a marketing term... but it's not. It's a combination of innovative features needed to achieve the goal of delivering the most consistent and highest-speed wireless performance possible - anywhere, everywhere, all the time.

Let us explain the various components that are absolutely necessary to achieve this unprecedented level of wireless performance:

  • Adaptive Signal Control - your grandfathers omni-directional antenna configs won't cut it any longer.
  • Interference Mitigation - there's plenty of noise out there, and it's only going to get louder.
  • Capacity-driven Channel Assignment - long gone are the days of "set-it-and-forget-it" channel planning. Let's get dynamic, people.
  • Dynamic Polarization Diversity - client devices are becoming increasingly small, smart and mobile...yesterday's fixed polarity just won't deliver acceptable connectivity to this Generation Next mobile device.
  • Maximized Signal Strength - dBs are sexy. Well, maybe only to us radio heads...but they sure make a difference in wireless connectivity.
  • Network Capacity Optimisation - forget how many Mbps it says on the box or the Website or the datasheet...the the only thing that matters is how much you can really get through the pipes. It takes some serious intelligence to maximize the real capacity of wireless.

Ruckus technology combined with DigitalAir's integration specialisation can provide all of the components necessary to deliver Pervasive Performance. Sure, there are plenty of companies who can claim a few of these features, but none can provide the complete package. That's why DigitalAir partner with Ruckus as their WLAN technology of choice. It's simply the smartest wireless for a mobile world.