Holiday Park WiFi

Dedicated, reliable, high-speed Wi-Fi for your caravan park

Our services are super-fast, reliable and cost effective. We can provide your holiday park guests with a Direct To Van (DTV) home WiFi experience. Provide guests the ability to experience home quality WiFi from within the caravan.

What are our Caravan Park WiFi services?

We offer WiFi services designed specifically for holiday parks. We offer consultation, planning & designing, implementation and management services to provide cost effective networks that meets specific needs. We understand every park is different but our expertise has educated us to learn what todays guests want from holiday park WiFi. Guests want the same reliable home quality WiFi that is easy to use and doesn't require lengthy on-boarding processes. Anything less than this is not acceptable and lowers your customer satisfaction scores.

WiFi park services

We offer Direct To Van (DTV) WiFi installations

Direct To Van (DTV) WiFi is a solution we offer using the benefits of a full-wireless network. Wireless Point-to-MultiPoint technology provides reliable links to each van with its own small form factor station and provided in-van router. All guests in each van then only connect to their own router, ensuring a reliable service and removing the congestion found in more traditional methods of installation. Multiple options of deployment are available such as cable to the vans if this is preferred.

Direct To Van WiFi

Fast to deploy and simple to manage

Small or large, enjoy the benefits of great WiFi with our fast and reliable services.

Holiday Park Network Features

Their is more to deploying a successful holiday park network then meets the eye.

Secure network

Keep both corporate and guest user data secure whilst on your network. We design networks with security in mind, delivering access control and segregating users.

Super fast WiFi

With the ability to offer multi gigabit speeds to each caravan, provide the very best in a holiday WiFi experience.

Fully managed

No onsite technical support? Not a problem, we offer full-turnkey end to end technical solutions.

Coverage guarantee

Customers following our five step project lifecycle are guarenteed coverage.

The entire network edge

We cover the entire networking edge infrastructure, from caravan routers to switches, wireless backhaul, structured cabling and more.

PCI compliance

Meeting social distancing rules and taking table payments for orders? Networks are designed with this in mind and ensure the network meets the required standards.

Flexible and highly customisable

High availability and redundancy to ensure hotspots are reliable 24/7.

Visitor Captive Portal

Enhance your brand exposure in the public areas through traditional captive portals.

Secure access

If you are serious about your guests privacy and keeping their data secure whilst on your network then WiFi we offer secure access and onboarding for your guests through the market leading guest solutions.

Customisable portal

Promote your brand by customising your portal with services to completely customise the design (UI) and user experience (UX) of the portal.


Allow guest to register and receive their secure credentials either via email or sms for that extra layer of security.

Voucher based acccess

Features such as voucher based access allows you to monetise how guests onboard to the network.

Sponsored access

Control guest access through our "Sponsored Employee Guest" solution, allowing clever granular control through your employees which in turn lowers overall management time.

Content filtering

Be in control of the content you want to allow your guests by implementation of market leading content filtering solutions.

Example Portals

Captive Portal
Captive Portal
Captive Portal


We can manage the project to fit within seasonal or specific time lines. We require a two week lead time before projects can commence and can have a network designed, installed and tested within days depending on the size & complexity of deployment.
Depending on the existing infrastructure, we may be able to optimise your existing equipment without the need to rip & replace. Often networks are designed to operate within a range specific enviromental values. Over time these enviromental factors can change outside the available tollerance of the network, such as the quantity of connecting devices. We can perform a onsite wireless survey to produce a next steps document which may be optimisational configurations, new placements of hardware or the addition of new hardware.
No. You can operate guest networks and corporate networks securely over the same physical hardware. During the plan phase, we will discover your required networks and ensure they are part of the design phase.
Solutions are tailored to specific customer needs and budgets. We can offer good, better & best solutions to meet specific requirements. To obtain a quotes please contact DigitalAir directly through email or phone.