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Wi-Fi analytics and reporting solution - SmartCell Insight (SCI) is our cloud analytics and reporting solution and is designed for enterprise networks.

Detailed analytics provides the intelligence you need to deliver a better mobile experience to your workforce and make informed business and operational decisions.

SCI Dashboard

Create customized dashboards for on-the-fly insight into your wireless ecosystem

SmartCell Insights SCI

SCI Features

  • Delivers visibility and insight into your wireless deployment with comprehensive network intelligence
  • Pre-defined and customizable Wi-Fi reports and dashboards for easy reporting
  • Export reports as raw data, PDF or CSV. Run reports on demand or schedule them for delivery by email.

SCI Reports

Armed with a set of standard reports that address the most common use cases faced by today’s network operations team. There is an easy to use and elaborate filtering mechanism built into the SCI that allows customers to generate more specically targeted reports.

Traffic reports include: client fingerprint (iOS, Android, Windows, etc.), client health, number of sessions, number of unique devices, session bytes transferred, session duration, and top clients by traffic volume.

Operational reports can be used to look at how the various elements in the network are performing.

Inventory reports provide a mechanism to easily keep track of all the Wi-Fi assets in the network. These reports can be used to provide: access point inventory, WLAN controller inventory, and session inventory. Our SCI collects and aggregates statistics from up to hundreds of thousands of Ruckus access points (APs), providing information such as upstream and downstream traffic demand, number of sessions, unique clients, or even the throughput customers can expect to achieve over periods of time on a per-AP basis. Now, network managers can quickly determine who is on their Wi-Fi network, what they are doing, when they are doing it, and from where; all graphically displayed in a simple format in a selection of views and customised reports.

Traffic reports include: access point tra c, client potential throughput, throughput estimate of clients, top APs by tra c volume, and top client devices by traffic volume.

Easily generated from any standard browser, these custom reports make use of the broad range of network analytics archived in the SCI database. By defining the relationship and scope (e.g., AP, date, time, or other metrics) of selected elements and associated hierarchical order, reports can be generated to monitor almost any conceivable network analytic dynamic. This greatly enhances the value of SCI as it allows different groups within an organisation to display data in ways that are most meaningful to their particular situation. The Data Explorer uses a very intuitive drag and drop interface allowing any user to create new reports in a matter of minutes.

Wireless is shared medium by all clients, APs and other wireless devices. RF interference, number of clients, number of APs and other wireless devices a detect the RF airtime utilisation. Airtime utilisation will provide visibility in to the utilisation of 2.4GHz and 5GHz radios. You will be able to get airtime utilisation at high level for overall network, as well as on per-radio at detailed level. You will be able to see trends and changes of Airtime utilisation over time.

Application visibility report will give visibility into usage of different applications in your network. You will able to find the top applications that are hogging the network bandwidth and applications that are heavily used. You will be able to get deeper insights into the usage of different applications.

Getting the most from a large Wi-Fi network, once deployed, requires clear visibility into its performance and user activity, both at a very granular level of detail as well as aggregated level to measure global trends potentially spanning years.

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