Ruckus ICX – Meeting the needs of WiFi 6E

The forthcoming WiFi 6E (Extended) standard will bring a new dimension to WiFi 6 capacity through additional spectrum allocation in the 6Ghz band. With tri-band Enterprise grade Access Points (2.4/5/6Ghz) becoming available towards the end of 2021, the bottleneck will be shifting to your wired network like never before. In this webinar find out how the Ruckus Multi-Gigabit (IEEE 802.3bz) ICX switches can remove that bottleneck at the edge, aggregation layer and core of your network.


  • Multigigabit Ethernet, and Power over Ethernet for WiFi 6E Access Points
  • The unified wired and wireless WiFi network
  • High level overview of the CommScope ICX switches
  • A typical WiFi 6E deployment with ICX switches

Watch the webinar