Why Use Wi-Fi 6 as an IoT Platform

Recently both Aruba & Ruckus Wireless introduced 802.11ax access points. They have radios that supports Zigbee to cover a larger range of IoT device connectivity, making the APs a universal IoT platform.

1. Reliable and blazing connectivity speeds

The Wi-Fi 6 line up from Aruba and Ruckus Wireless deliver high-performance connectivity for mobile and IoT devices especially with the multi-user capabilities of OFDMA and MU-MIMO. By simultaneously serving multiple clients and traffic types including IoT in dense environments, latency sensitive IoT devices can have a better experience.

In addition to Wi-Fi 6 radios, the latest line up from Aruba and Ruckus Wireless APs support also Zigbee and Bluetooth 5, providing connectivity for the vast majority of IoT devices. That makes the access points ideal for connecting low-voltage building systems, such as temperature controls, intrusion detection, energy management, personnel and asset tracking, and even gunshot monitoring systems.

2. Power efficiency

Many IoT devices are battery-powered, and it’s not hard to imagine that in a busy hospital or manufacturing facility, there’s little interest in running around to change batteries. Wi-Fi 6 specification provides a more power-efficient operating mode, which minimises the drain on battery-operated IoT devices with a feature called Target Wait Time (TWT). TWT allows a device to sleep for longer periods, setting a target time to wake and contact the access point. This feature extends the battery life of IoT and Mobile devices.

3. Wi-Fi 6 ideal deployment model for IoT connectivity

Access Points are typically ideally positioned to provide coverage for devices that use either radio frequency (RF) or infrared (IR) communications. They also conveniently provide optimal coverage for battery powered IoT devices. For devices that require a local power source, the both Ruckus and Aruba offer Wi-Fi 6 Access Points that includes expanded USB port functionality, which provides a convenient source of power.

4. Simple management

Maintaining multiple networks to support different device types is inefficient, yet it is commonly done. The goal is to completely eliminate IoT gateways (or reduce them), which creates significant efficiency. No extra cabling, no further security concerns integrating into the networks. Using Aruba as your IoT platform or Ruckus IoT Suite can simplify your deployment holistically.

5. Built-in security

The fundamental security of IoT devices is an ongoing concern. Many smart devices are unproven in the field and are not designed with security in mind with many already being targeted by bad actors. By using Ruckus Wireless or Aruba for their IoT platform the risk is greatly reduced.

IoT is not going away, it is only growing exponentially. With the revolution already here and with so many manufactures producing tech with their own gateways, a central platform has never been so prevalent for this space as it is today. If you would like a demo, or to watch an on-demand webinar for the IoT platforms please get in touch. If your project is something new and extensive that you need to bring in the experts, we love a challenge!