Tackling Warehouse Freezer Wi-Fi

Over the year of selling wireless I have come across many customers working with solutions such as installing access points outside the freezer and running cables into the freezers with antennas attached to them. Also customers attempting to use high powered directional antennas pointing at the outside of the freezer to try and penetrate the signal through. Unfortunately these solutions rarely work well or fail to survive the harsh conditions.

Luckily Ruckus Wireless have just the Access Point for the job. The Ruckus T710 is suitable for working at operating temperatures of as low as –40 degrees C and as high as 65 degrees C! 

Not only that but this access point is a power house providing the latest AC Phase 2 Performance and up to 4 Radio chains making for an impressive 800Mbps on the 2.4GHz Radio and 1733Mbps on the 5GHz Radio!

The Ruckus T710 is also IP67 rated which gives it high protection against water and dust ingress

Worth noting that these require 802.3at power to function so bear this in mind if planing to power from an existing switch that doesn’t support this level of PoE power. You can of course purchase 60W Ruckus PoE injectors to deal with this requirement if your switches aren’t up to the task.

The Access point comes with 2 ethernet ports so you can daisy chain devices such as CCTV cameras off of them and offer PoE passthrough to allow these additional devices to be powered. 

Having got my hands on a few of these, the build quality seems solid and the access points seem substantial.

In all an impressive product and I have yet to find a better option for Warehouse Freezer Wireless.