Stadium WiFi for a public internet service

In most sports and entertainment venues today, existing wireless and cellular technologies (for example, 3G or 4G) are not optimized for the reliable delivery of these services to such a highly concentrated group of users, leaving tens of thousands of sports fans with limited ability to make phone calls, send text messages, share video, and access mobile data applications. As a result, the need to create a seamless and uninterrupted Connected Stadium Wi-Fi experience for fans has become one of the primary focuses for industry executives.

Stadium Wi-Fi benefits include:

Revenue opportunities

- Real-time concessions, merchandise and ticket-ordering applications

- Targeted promotions, advertisements, and unique sponsor activations

- Venue-based services to highlight amenities, provide way-finding, and more

New and enhanced fan experiences

- Real-time, uninterrupted access to web and stadium-specific applications— including social media, event and concierge services, and exclusive location- based applications—that augment the experience

- Increased levels of interactivity and personalization to engage fans in compelling ways

- Uninterrupted voice and text services that allow fans to enjoy the event like never before

Operational benefits

- Single converged Wi-Fi for employee, operations, and fan-facing needs

- Reliable connectivity

- Simplified administration and management

Solutions for Stadium WiFi

There seems to be two main vendors that have solutions for Stadiums, Cisco and Ruckus Wireless. Both have specific hardware, Cisco have their 2.4Ghz/5Ghz external antenna and Ruckus Wireless has the new 7762 with a 30 Degree sector antenna.