Ruckus Wireless Cloud Solution – CloudRuckus Launched

Until now if you were wanting a Cloud WiFi solution from a WiFi manufacturer your choices were limited to mainly Aerohive or Meraki to date.

But now there is another option to throw into the technical analisys - Ruckus Wireless. Everyone knows Ruckus for the great performance that you get from their access points but until there wasnt a cloud option available for their hardware.

CloudRuckus ( is a new solution for Ruckus Wireless resellers to offer their customers as a cloud enabled solution. The solution is built from Ruckus Wireless's 'Smart Wireless Services' portfolio and offers the following as part of the solution.

Ruckus Wireless SAMS - Smart Access Management Service

Ruckus Wireless SPoT - Smart Positioning Technology

Ruckus Wireless SCI - Smart Cell Insight

It will be interesting to see what impact CloudRuckus has on the Cloud WiFi manufacturers now that they have the No3 WiFi manufacturer breathing down their neck!