Ruckus R Series Comparisons

To compare specs so you can see where it fits within the family:

Radio Chains

  • Ruckus R510 2x2:2
  • Ruckus R610 3x3:3
  • Ruckus R710 4x4:4

Throughput (2.4GHz)

  • Ruckus R510 - 300Mbps
  • Ruckus R610 - 600Mbps
  • Ruckus R710 - 800Mbps

Throughput (5GHz)

  • Ruckus R510 - 867Mbps
  • Ruckus R610 - 1300Mbps
  • Ruckus R710 - 1733Mbps

Client Support

  • Ruckus R510 - 512
  • Ruckus R610 - 512
  • Ruckus R710 - 500

USB Port (for BLE)

  • Ruckus R510 - Yes
  • Ruckus R610 - Yes
  • Ruckus R710 - Ye

As you can see, the R610 fits nicely between the R510 and R710 so provides a good option for people who want a higher performance Access Point than the R510 but can't quite afford the R710.

Of course to get the full benefit the client device needs to support 3 radio chains and AC phase 2 but this should start to be pretty standard moving forward.

Please note that the client limit is a hard limit and as soon as you apply a level of security this drops to a lower value. Also, it is not recommended to try and connect this many clients to 1 access point!