Project Managing a Wireless Project Efficiently

Looking after a project from beginning to end is a challenging, yet fulfilling task. Whether this be a 30 day long project overseas with multiple teams or a single day job down the road for one guy. Not one project is ever the same. Never is there an exact replica mirroring previous projects, all are very unique in their own way. Complacency cannot be contemplated. You have the baton and it’s your turn to run with it!

The planning stage is by far the most important stage of any project – when time is spent discussing and planning what is expected from the project. Coming together to discuss how these goals can realistically be achieved will ultimately increase the chances of the project becoming a success

Success guaranteed?

Was the project a success? Is that based on whether the project came in under budget? Was the project completed in a shorter time? There is no clear answer to this. However, leaving a school in a position knowing they have their network up and running or leaving a business with a successful laser link installed connecting an adjacent building across the car park is a good start!

Objectives should be clearly defined by all parties involved at planning stage. Only when all objectives can be ticked off can a project be labelled complete


Having a savvy, well-oiled team will help in delivering a good project. We have specialist outdoor engineers and indoor wireless gurus at our disposal. Allocation of this resource is imperative to the successful completion of a project. Certain projects require a certain type of person whether that be down to the complexity of the job or the physical demands of others. A stock room kitted out with equipment is also a must as the turnaround time in a project coming to fruition can happen at the eleventh hour.

Everyone on the same Page

Are we all in it together? Projects are completed by human beings! Ensuring the team has a common goal and buys in to the reasons what the project is trying to achieve and how it benefits the company.

Planning. The stage in which the project can be deemed a success. Allocating sufficient time, personnel, budgeting correctly etc will lead to a successful project. Having ensured staff allocation has been followed & they are fully engaged with the pre-determined objective, will lead to a successful project for both the customer and us.