LigoWave Unlicensed Microwave Point to Point Wireless Links

LigoWave unleashes its highest capacity, license-free PTP device with the release of the LIGOPTP 5 MIMO series product line. Making use of ground breaking 2x2 MIMO technology, the LigoPTP 5-23/5-N MIMO delivers aggregate TCP throughput capability of up to 210 Mbps combined with high packets-per-second performance

Founded in 2007, LigoWave develops high performance wireless solutions utilised by organisations across the globe. Producing cutting edge hardware and robust software to handle security and management of links, LigoWave products deliver a customised wireless experience with performance and stability that is unparalleled in the wireless industry today.

The LigoWave difference

  • Products installed in 150 countries
  • Vibrant young company manufacturing cutting edge wireless since 2007
  • Built for nLOS, NLOS and LOS connecting sites over long distances up to 100 km LOS
  • Simple wireless network management using LigoOS, with a web graphical user interface
  • W-Jet 2 proprietary protocol that eliminates distance, PPS and throughput limitations inherent in standards based protocols
  • Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) radios that uses several transmitters and several receivers at the same time to improve communication performance
  • LigoOS Bespoke management operating system with web gui interface

LigoWave LigoPTP series

LigoWave PTP products provide carrier-class point-to-point capability, ideal for dedicated access or backhaul applications. The LigoWave PTP product family couples flexible channel width capability and industry-leading proprietary software mechanisms to set the utmost standard in spectral efficiency.

  • IP67 standard carrier grade enclosure
  • Licence free
  • Up to 200 Mbps full duplex with link bonding