Leased Lines Vs Fibre? How much is your fibre costing you?

The costs of fibre

Unless you already have fibre connected to your building then you will need to get fibre installed from the nearest point of presence (PoP), this involves digging a trench and laying an armoured glass fibre cable between the 2 locations. The costs of doing these civil works vary from around £15 a metre in rural areas where the only obstructions are a hedge row and a few cows, to over £100 a metre in city locations. Urban areas require road closures, permits, traffic control, and repair bills to existing infrastructure such as drains.

A 300m dig could cost as much as £30,000, and that's without the equipment at either end.


With all of the above considerations the timescales are getting fibre installed are typically in the 3-4 month lead time as a bare minimum - longer timescales should be expected for city environments and longer digs that involve disruption to existing infrastructure.

Wireless Leased lines

In the past few years - and even more so this year- wireless has become a real option as an alternative to fibre connectivity. Wireless by its nature doesn't need to have civil work completed, and therefore is a huge cost saving compared to fibre digs. The timescales that wireless can be deployed also make it a very attractive option - with wireless links potentially being deployed in days rather than months.

So what Can wireless Offer

  • Gigabit Full Duplex connectivity
  • Multi-mile connectivity
  • 5 Nines availability (99.999% uptime)
  • Gigabit Links from under £10,000 fully installed
  • Rapid deployment

Public sector and wireless

The public sector – traditionally a huge user of fibre networks are increasing looking at wireless as a way to reduce costs, while still providing high levels of service, councils tend to own a number of high points in urban areas or have links to those who do such as NHS sites, making them an ideal candidate for wireless networks.

Can we help?

If you have a requirement for high-speed connectivity and are considering Fibre maybe wireless might help you to save money, deploy faster and retain high levels of service, contact us now for more information.