Key worker organisations, we are here to help!

We are already seeing the additional strain being placed on organisations as they are being forced to operate differently and are meeting new challenges when it comes to operating efficiently during these turbulent times. For organisations with key workers, we don't want the network to be the bottleneck and want to offer our support where possible.

If you are an organisation with key working staff and do not have a service contract or internal team capable of coping with the demands on your network, where possible we would like to extend our help and provide a level of support free of charge.

Assistance we can offer;

  • Free remote network healthcheck
  • Free remote network optimisation
  • Free telephone support for IT managers with network issues (This is not user support)
  • Free migration of Ruckus Networks access points the cloud providing ease of management with a free licences for 1 year
  • Free remote wireless security and posture checking
  • Free networking consultation

Please be aware we have limited resources to be able to offer and will deal with requests on a first come first served & severity basis to fit around our open managed serviced customers.

Call 01202 612 400 and get your network functioning correctly today!