IP CCTV solutions take over from analogue CCTV

There are a number of reasons for this.

  • As camera quality improves the popularity of IP CCTV equipment is growing forcing down costs.
  • Many companies already have IP network infrastructures in place which eliminates the need to implement separate, parallel, cabling architectures.
  • Both data and CCTV networks can be managed from a central point over the same cabling infrastructure.
  • Telemetry can be run over an IP topology.
  • Inventory management is more convenient.

Wireless connectivity is playing an ever increasing role in the deployment of IP solutions. It allows installers to implement solutions well over the 100 metre Ethernet cable limitation (up to 10 Kms’+ in some cases), opening up a variety of opportunities.

We offering PTP and PTMP options ideal for CCTV installations.

In Summary wireless solutions are in many instances quicker, easier and more cost effective to deploy, eliminating some of the costly civil delays. Low latencies and throughputs that vary from 80Mbps to 2.5Gbps (throughput increases will continue) make wireless options an attractive choice.