The Internet of Things IoT is promising to change the way we live

The objects can cheaply be produced to measure everything from location, temperature, light, sound, motion and much more, pushing the data collected out to the Internet.

So what do these objects look like and where would you use them?

Imagine heading to the gym, the fitness tracker built into your wearable tech that has recorded how well you slept and how much physical activity you have done since your last visit to the gym, your PT is alerted to your presence in the gym, you head over to your equipment, where you profile is pulled up onto the equipment recording your sets and reps and uploading the data straight to your personal trainer's smart device so he can personalize your next session.

You head home after, upon getting to your front door, it magically opens, heating fires up, the coffee maker beings pouring a cup and the television turns on.

This is just some of the possibilities of tech powered by the 'Internet of Things' (IoT) and it is promising to change the way go about our daily lives.

The IoT doesn't just benefit end users though, as it creates a new playing field for businesses to analyze data. For example, a manufacture of appliances could collect data and interactions across millions of geographically distributed 'things', combing that data to provide a global view of product usage.

A retailer with with digital signage can deliver personalized shopping experiences by putting the right screens in the right places with the right messaging for the customer.

The opportunities are endless, and tech giants are vastly adopting IoT Are you ready for it?