Industries first 2Gbps Microwave Link - SIAE ALFOplus80 2Gbps

A new iteration of the ALFOplus80 is due out soon, which will achieve 2.5Gbps full duplex. Once management and packet overheads are taken into consideration actual TCP throughput will be 2Gbps full duplex.

This is an industry first, and paves the way for extreme high bandwidth connectivity, which far outmatches a leased line in terms of cost and ease of installation.

The ALFOplus80 also features error correction with adaption modulation, which gives resilience to interference such as severe weather conditions. Weather can affect other Gigabit solutions that do not offer adaptive modulation, which can result with a dropped link. You would get 1Gbps or nothing. The ALFOplus80 offers adaptive modulation, which kicks into play when weather, such as heavy rain, is affecting the signal causing packet loss. The multi-step modulation will mean that the links availability will still be maintained, at the cost of throughput. So instead of 2Gbps you will get slightly less, but keeping good signal strength.

Its maximum distance will be 5km with a 60cm dish, or 2km with a 30cm dish. We can perform an installation within 2-3 week lead time and get you up and running within 4 days, subject to a survey.

If you have any enquiries regarding this solution, please give our technical team a call on 01202 612400.