iBoss Cybersecurity

iBoss is a secure web gateway platform. The platform is a Secure Web Gateway Platform that protects data where other solutions fail.

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iBoss is a secure web gateway platform. The platform is a Secure Web Gateway Platform that protects data where other solutions fail. Prevention and detection are included in the Secure Web Gateway Platform, but the biggest impact comes from preventing data exfiltration, visibility into advanced evasive protocols and automatic infection containment.

FICO Cyber Score

FICO Analytics and iboss node-based Cloud Web Security

The FICO Cyber Score module leverages FICO's propriety behavioral analytics and consortium approach with iboss' node-based cloud security to reduce dwell time and minimize data loss. FICO's analytics provide a cyber risk score, which significantly improves productivity because it alerts analyst of a potential threat and scores the severity of the risk in real time. Scores are delivered via the iboss Incident Response Center, empowering IT teams to focus on what matters most by revealing the users, devices and servers that pose the highest risk.

Network Anomaly Detection

Finds infections hijacking data 100X faster

The iboss Secure Web Gateway Platform's exclusive network anomaly detection exposes the most evasive signatureless malware, even after it's made it past your sandbox. Once a problem is pinpointed, you immediately receive real-time email alerts and your data is contained, before it is hijacked. Our technology takes only minutes to deploy and provides 24/7 peace of mind, without requiring you to reconfigure the entire network.

Detect command and control callbacks

Scans across DNS, IP other protocols

The iboss Secure Web Gateway Platform leverages visibility across all TCP and UDP ports to scan for evasive threats on hidden ports and protocols include those using DNS, IP, SSH, IMAP, POP and many others. It also scans for command and control callbacks and thwarts attacks such as network probes and port scans.

Behavioral Sandboxing

Defends against polymorphic malware

Solely relying on AV scanners or signature-based monitoring to prevent malware is no longer effective. Today's threats are polymorphic and capable of continually morphing to evade signature-based detection. The iboss Secure Web GatewayPlatform includes a behavior-based approach to malware detection, which doesn't rely on signatures to stop advanced threats.

Detect and contain protocol-evasive threats

Stops advanced malware using hidden protocols like TOR

Advanced malware integrating with the TOR network to circumvent your security represents a pervasive, new class of threat that standard solutions can't see. The method of monitoring good-behaving protocols is not enough and can lead to infections entering the network faster and staying undetected longer. Only iboss monitors the bad-behaving protocols to pinpoint the infection quickly, issue alerts and auto-contain your data to stop loss.

Incident Response Center

Identify data breaches faster

Deal with incidents not noisy event logs. The iboss Secure Web Gateway Platform automatically consolidates and prioritizes events, translating them into actionable incidents. This not only shortens investigative response time, it reduces data loss when breaches occur. C&C callback monitoring, continuous network anomaly monitoring and behavioral analysis provide an unmatched approach that exposes malware in real-time.

Unified Node-Based Platform

Delivers anytime, anywhere security

Flexible security across any device, anywhere, and at any time is delivered via iboss Unified Node-Based Platform. iboss' exclusive node-based architecture ensures your organization's data is isolated within OS boundaries in your own node collection, so it never overlaps with any other customer's data. And with the iboss Platform you can secure mobile and remote users without having to backhaul data to corporate HQ. Instead, get instant access to the data you need, while maintaining wire-speed performance at your core sites.

Manage Cloud Apps and Social Media

Granular control that stops advanced threats

Many of the applications we rely on to conduct business, such as Skype, WebEx and others, use proprietary signatures and non-standard ports to communicate, but this can introduce threats that result in data loss. In addition, social media apps such as Facebook can be a boon to businesses but unmanaged access introduces risk. The iboss Secure Web Gateway Platform protects you with granular application visibility and control across all 131K ports on your network to defend against advanced threats and misuse, without affecting user experience.

Auto-quarantine high-risk users

Stop the spread of infections

The number of mobile devices, remote locations and roaming users accessing your network has created new sources of advanced threats for which you must be prepared. The iboss Secure Web Gateway Platform employs network-wide scanning to pinpoint high-risk machines and users and quarantine them to stop the spread of infection, alert you and enable remediation.

Quarantine internal outbreaks

With iboss Threat Isolator

iboss Threat Isolator puts data protection tools inside the network perimeter for comprehensive protection against exploits such as CryptoLocker or C&C callbacks. It dynamically isolates and contains infections by blocking internal communications between computers on your network. You receive alerts, when a problem is identified, giving you time to remediate and avoid further infection.

Manage SSL and Encrypted Communications

Granular policy enforcement and malware defence

Analysts predict that SSL will comprise 70% of all Internet traffic by 2017. Enforcing encryption policies while trying to detect malware hidden inside SSL traffic can create a conundrum that risks your organization's security. The iboss Secure Web Gateway Platform ensures compliance and protection across all HTTP and HTTPS traffic, with flexible tools in a highly scalable solution.

Bandwidth Optimisation

Maintain network health and performance

Unlike stateful shaping that continuously applies policy, used by most standard security solutions, iboss smart, stream-based approach allows you to provide uninterrupted bandwidth availability during saturation periods, giving your users more access to technology without compromising performance.

Visual IPS Tool

Prevent intrusions with visual IPS tools that simplify rules

Legacy IPS tools rely heavily on manual rule editing which is not only complex, but also time-consuming. With the iboss Secure Web Gateway Platform, creating, managing and editing rules is fast, easy-to-understand and free from errors. The results are more efficiency, less strain on IT resources and lower TCO.

Fast Google-like Log Searches

Search logs faster

Whether you're searching through logs spanning one day or five years, across one gigabyte or multiple petabytes, the iboss Secure Web Gateway Platform delivers your results immediately, without the protracted wait times of competitive solutions. This Google-like capability is enabled by iboss' exclusive dynamic indexing, which ensures the data you need is delivered instantly.

Extend security to WiFi and BYOD

Extend compliance and threat protection

Automatically secure WIFI networks to extend compliance while protecting against advanced threats. Easily integrate guest users via their own Google account, using OAuth or seamlessly integrate with your existing Network Access Controller (NAC).

MobileEther MDM

Manage device-level policies

Protect mobile devices and enforce policies with full capabilities from iboss award-winning MDM. Push apps, wipe devices if lost or stolen, and enforce device-level restrictions Alliances with technology partners such as Apple and Samsung make managing devices a snap.

Threat and Event Console Reporting

Respond and document incidents via responsive interface

The iboss Secure Web Gateway Platform includes a Threat and Event Console reporting that is integrated across all features and is easy to use, with a highly-responsive, intuitive interface, guided interactive wizards, and customizable reporting templates. Within seconds, go from organization-wide visibility, to a 360-degree view of each network user, including Web activity, application use, bandwidth consumption, data loss risks and more.

Blended AV Scanning

Prevents malicious files with info from multiple feeds

iboss AV scanning gets malware feeds from a variety of proprietary and best-of-breed sources including Kaspersky AV, blended C&C feeds, iboss Secure Web Gateway Platform Sandboxing and Baselining, and more. Within minutes these malware feeds are synchronized in the cloud and delivered to the iboss Secure Web Gateway Platform database, whether on-premises or in the cloud.

Enforce regulatory compliance

With Next-Gen Web security

Web security has evolved beyond traditional URL filtering. The iboss Secure Web Gateway Platform provides next-gen features that include granular management of social media, Google services, and applications, SSL traffic inspection, and comprehensive user-based reporting, centrally managed from a responsive interface. iboss innovative, advanced malware and APT defense ensure unrivaled protection from today’s most sophisticated attacks.

Integration via Restful API

Easy integration with partner ecosystems

The convergence of mobile, applications and cloud technologies has made the easy integration of security tools an imperative. The iboss Secure Web Gateway Platform includes an open partner ecosystem via RESTFUL API for streamlined integration that enables optimum performance.