Hotspot in a box with self-user registration and authentication

At DigitalAir Wireless, we have realised for a long time that there was a gap in the hotspot market that ticks all the right boxes. All the ones that are a gateway box that you buy are very limited in feature sets, and do not allow for self-authentication, so requires a lot of manual administration from the service provider, which should not be required in this day and age.

The ones that do self-authenticate are not buy a gateway and own it solution, and usually requires a subscription to a cloud service that incurs on going costs, but does provide a lot of functionality.

What we needed was an all in one box solution that you but and own outright. It would need to offer self user registration to create their own authentication credentials, so it requires no admin time (who wants to dish out vouchers each and every time?). It would also allow for user details like names and email addresses to be collated to be used for marketing purposes.

We have found such a solution which covers all these key features and functionalities. The Guest Internet Solutions have a range of hotspot gateway devices that cover a range concurrent users, and offers various ways to authenticate.

  • 50-500 users 0 model dependant
  • All in one box, no subscription
  • Self-authentication
  • Up to 3 questions to answer for authentication and option to data collect
  • Custom login page
  • Paypal payment
  • Facebook login
  • Content filter via OpenDNS
  • Speed control
  • Reporting

The GIS-R2 hotspot gateway allows any business to transform a wireless access point into a fully functional WiFi Hotspot for up to 50 concurrent users. Guests and visitors will be greeted with a login page and asked to use a login code or voucher to access the Internet. Guests can alternatively gain free access by agreeing to the hotspot's terms and conditions (disclaimer) or by entering their name and email address.

The GIS-R2 hotspot gateway provides the following features:

Cost of ownership: There are no setup costs, no monthly fees and no transaction fees, all you pay is the purchase price of the gateway.

Performance: Supports up to 50 concurrent users (with no hard limits). Capable of a maximum throughput of 10Mb/s (speed of DSL).

Guest authentication: Visitors can log in using a voucher, by agreeing to a disclaimer (terms and conditions), sign in with Facebook or by providing personal details such as a name and email address.

Custom login page: The login page can be customized with a background image or company logo. Alternatively a login page can be designed to look like the hotspot owner\'s web page. Read more.

Payments with PayPal: Take card payments or PayPal payments

Firewall: The firewall protects the hotspot owner's network from guests and the guests from each other. The firewall also allows remote management of the Guest Internet gateway and protects the gateway from Denial of Service (DoS) attacks from the guest network.

Content filter: Web sites and other web services used by guests can be controlled using OpenDNS. Individual web sites as well as categories of web sites can be blocked.

Speed control: Each guest's connection can be throttled to a number of preset upload and download speeds.

Login management: Up to 10,000 different login codes or vouchers can be created to allow different access times and speeds.

Reporting: Up to 28 days worth of login details can be displayed and graphed. Data can also be downloaded into Microsoft Excel or inserted into a database.

Powerful setup wizard: All of the settings necessary to get the system up and running can be set using the wizard. The wizard will also create a basic login page for guests using one of 12 built-in backgrounds.

For more information, please call 01202 612400 for more details.