Guest Internet Solutions - Wi-Fi Guest Access

What are they you may ask?

Well to put it plainly they’re simple, easy to install and a doddle to manage devices that allow anyone who wants to give their customers a professional looking, management free internet service the ability to do so, in a way that looks professional enough to charge for it whilst at the same time increasing their social media presence.

In actual fact these devices can be as simple or as complicated as the admin requires and have many different customization options available which in my experience have suited everyone who has needed a solution that these devices provide. It’s also worth noting that customization can be managed via username and password authorized web page login which is a doddle and backed up with lots of online walkthroughs.

In total there are 8 different devices to choose from which range in capability from the basic GIS-R2 device which will have basic features (but still includes Facebook log in mind), can accommodate up to a maximum of 30 users and 60 Mbps Throughput. All the way up to the GIS-R80 which will accommodate an unlimited number of users, 400 Mbps and every bell and whistle available which includes, on top of the standard, Customer data collection and Facebook Login, Advanced firewall, PayPal & credit card billing, rack mountable customization, High performance multi-core CPU, Dual Wan Load balance/Failover and 400 Mbps throughput.

To summarize, any hotelier, bed & breakfast, campsite, caravan site or establishment that wants to provide customers with a controllable internet service whether chargeable or not, could do a lot worse than to have a GIS box installed. Once a custom splash page and log in page has been set up it feels personal to the business and pretty much runs itself. Job done!