Google Project Loon - Balloon powered Wi-Fi

Then I remembered an article I read in January called 'Project Loon' by Google which sounds ridiculous but is actually an extremely clever concept.

Launched in June last year this is ostensibly wireless connections via a large balloon that looks very much like a weather balloon that Google can control remotely whilst they float on stratospheric winds close to the edge of the atmosphere over around 20km from the ground. The idea is to help feed the huge demand for internet in places where there is either no infrastructure in place or the cost for internet access can typically be the cost of an average annual salary.

The pilot for the scheme has just started in New Zealand where Google has released 30 balloons in a week with 50 guinea pigs trying to connect to them, so this doesn't just seem like hot air.

There is a long ways to go before this tech would go live and you have to wonder how it would work from a security point of view however I am excited to find out. For more info on this just search for project loon on your search engine of choice.