Gigabit Full Duplex Wireless Bridges

The term wireless bridge can also be referred to as an Ethernet bridge, point to point bridge, wireless link, microwave link or microwave bridge and many more.

One of the best parts of a wireless bridge is that they are typically layer 2 devices. This means it is literally just an extension of your local areas network. So connecting a building to another building wirelessly couldn't be any simpler network wise.

Wireless bridges can simply connect from one switch in one building to another switch in another building. They are normally layer 2 and completely transparent. This means whatever packets you pass through point A will come out of point B. You can consider it as if you have a piece of fibre running from one switch to another but wirelessly.

For gigabit full duplex wireless bridges we use a product called SIAE. It works in the 80Ghz frequency and will offer gigabit full duplex building to building links up to 5km. Carrier class microwave links like SIAE offer up to 99.999% availability so you can rely on an Ethernet bridge even if the applications or services running over it are mission critical.

Typically we install a wireless bridge capable of gigabit full duplex speeds and 99.999% availability for around £9,995 so if you want a further info please contact us.