Cisco Unified Wireless Networks

DigitalAir Wireless integrate Cisco wireless network solutions to ensure that your business achieves the highest level of wireless network security and versatility. Cisco Wireless Network solutions empower your network with the ability to offer secure wireless networking, either within your office for increased mobility or bridging between your office buildings.

Cisco CleanAir

Cisco® CleanAir technology is now available. Cisco CleanAir technology allows organizations to quickly address RF interference events occurring on the wireless network. Cisco CleanAir technology protects 802.11n network performance by creating a self-healing and self-optimizing wireless network that detects, classifies, locates, and mitigates RF interference.

Cisco Wireless - NCS

With Cisco NCS, network administrators have a single solution for RF prediction, policy provisioning, network optimization, troubleshooting, user tracking, security monitoring, and wireless LAN systems management. Robust graphical interfaces make wireless LAN deployment and operations simple and cost-effective. Detailed trending and analysis reports make Cisco NCS vital to ongoing network operations.

Cisco Identity Service Engine

Whether you need to support employee "bring-your-own-device" (BYOD) to work practices, or provide more secure access to your data center resources, the Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) meets your needs. It helps you reliably enforce compliance, enhance infrastructure security, and streamline service operations. Cisco ISE is a context-aware, identity-based platform that gathers real-time information from the network, users, and devices. ISE then uses this information to make proactive governance decisions by enforcing policy across the network infrastructure.

Virtual LAN Controller - Cisco vWLC (up to 200 AP's)

The virtual wireless LAN controller (vWLC) is software that can run on hardware that is compliant with an industry standard virtualization infrastructure.

Virtual wireless LAN controllers provide flexibility for users to select the hardware based on their requirement i.e. VMWare,ESx and ESXi 4.x & 5.x version.

Wireless LAN Controllers - Cisco 5508 (up to 500 AP's)

The Cisco® 5500 Series Wireless Controller is a highly scalable and flexible platform that enables systemwide services for mission-critical wireless in medium to large-sized enterprises and campus environments. Designed for 802.11n performance and maximum scalability, the 5500 Series offers enhanced uptime with the ability to simultaneously manage 500 access points; superior performance for reliable streaming video and toll quality voice; and improved fault recovery for a consistent mobility experience in the most demanding environments.

Wireless Access Points a/b/g/n - 450mbps

Cisco Aironet access points provide secure, manageable, and reliable connectivity with exceptional range and performance. Lightweight access points (LWAPP) operate in conjunction with Cisco wireless LAN controllers and the Wireless Control System.

Cisco® Aironet® 3500 and 3600 Series Access Points with Cisco CleanAir technology are the industry's first 802.11n access points to create a self-healing, self-optimizing wireless network.

CleanAir technology is a systemwide feature of the Cisco Unified Wireless Network that improves air quality by detecting RF interference that other systems can't recognize, identifying the source, locating it on a map, and then making automatic adjustments to optimize wireless coverage.

These innovative access points provide the highest-performance 802.11n connectivity for mission-critical mobility. By intelligently avoiding interference, the 3500 Series offers performance protection for 802.11n networks to help ensure reliable application delivery.

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