Cisco Mobility Services (CMX)

Retail WiFi Location Based Analytics

The Cisco Mobile Concierge solution enables venues for the first time to engage with customers in a targeted contextual manner through their mobile devices within specific venues. Customers can now use their mobile devices to navigate the store, receive relevant information based on their location, interact with personnel, and enhance their overall experience.

Cisco's solution is based on a host of innovations, including advanced Wi-Fi-based indoor location capabilities and a unique software developer kit to integrate with mobile applications and hardware innovations with Qualcomm. Together these capabilities are transparently integrated to provide this innovative new solution.

Technology Overview

The Mobile Concierge is centered on the Cisco WLAN network and the Mobility Services Engine (MSE). Cisco MSE with Advanced Location Services discovers the location of all the Wi-Fi devices present in the wireless network. This location data can then be used by different applications to create the solution. These include:

  • Mobile Concierge SDK, which enables integrating location into any iOS or Android mobile application
  • Indoor GPS and directions: On the visitor's smartphone or tablet, display a listing of primary departments (clothing, foods etc) or areas of interest ( carpark, cafeteria, gift shop, ATM) on a virtual map. Visitors also can receive 'turn-by-turn' directions with a moving blue dot noting their current location, similar to what one would have walking or driving outdoors.
  • Targeted location-based messaging: Deliver personalised pop-up messages, based on a current location, to the user's smartphone. For example, 'Welcome to our store - would you like to view our map' displayed as the user enters the venue or 'Welcome, Would you like today's special offers and vouchers?' displayed as the user enters the venue.

Android - iPhone APP

Cisco has partnered with Meridian for designing APP's: Meridian is a mobile-software company that helps location-based businesses engage with their visitors. Popular retail outlets, hotels, hospitals, subways, airports, museums, and more use our platform to build and maintain mobile apps that take advantage of GPS and other location-aware technologies.

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Customer Engagement

The ability to capture new customers and keep existing customers by delivering more value is essential to continued growth in all customer-facing industries. Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences allows customers to connect through your on site Wi-Fi and opens a direct channel of communication that lets you better understand and deliver what your customers want.

When you more effectively engage your customers, you can:

  • Increase loyalty of existing customers, reduce cost of acquiring new customers, and extend the relationship with current customers
  • Provide a more attractive relationship with new customers by providing them with a personalized experience not available through competitors
  • Increase point-of-sale opportunities by providing key information at critical decision points in the purchase process
  • Reduce potential for show rooming by co-opting perceived online pricing advantage while the customer is in your venue
  • Increase customer satisfaction by helping them make a decision more aligned with their needs

Venue Efficiency

By helping you better understand how your customers actually behave while on site, Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences helps you maximize the use of your floor plan. With this improved insight, you can:

  • Determine the most trafficked location to position or price products or services
  • Adjust venue layout to optimize traffic flow in periods of high use
  • Adjust venue layout to place goods or services along most used pathways
  • Staff service locations to accommodate customer flows and time of day
  • Evaluate impact of floor plan adjustments

Cisco Location-Based Analytics

With Cisco Location Analytics, this visibility is now possible, enabling organisations to make informed business decisions. The benefits to venue owners are as follows:

  • Analyse business performance through measuring in-venue actions and improve marketing
  • Increase revenue per square foot by optimising layout using detailed end-user footfall, conversion rates, and information even down to specific zones and quantify the effects of the changes
  • Increase customer satisfaction through sufficient staffing during peak times