Cambium formally Motorola Point to Point wireless Bridges

The advantage of using a Cambium system over other 5Ghz 802.11 IEEE standard radios is that Cambium do not use 802.11 IEEE protocols for its radio transmission. This custom Cambium (Motorola developed) protocol enables more than double the spectral efficiency than 802.11n systems. For example the Cambium PTP650 can deliver 200Mbps on a 20Mhz channel, where a 802.11n system would offer 100Mbps maximum. The PTP650 can utilize 45Mhz of channel space to offer 450Mbps in a single connection, a speed 802.11n is not capable of.

The availability of these systems relies on how it transmits and receives data packets, and this is also non-standard. Where an 802.11n system may allow you to send out on 2 streams, the Cambium kits can effectively send out on 4 streams by having 2 transceivers at each unit, and each transceiver sending out 2 streams. This enables the quality of the signal to be increase by an order of magnitude over the 802.11n systems. This is where Near or Non line of sight becomes available with the Cambium systems. Standard systems may struggle with trees and buildings obstructing signal pathways, or even long stretches of water, but the Cambium system will gain you the advantage by sustaining much higher availability in high interference situations.

The industries the Cambium systems are normally deployed for are;

  • Enterprise Markets - Where long distance links with high quality of service is required
  • Government - Where security and quality of service are paramount
  • Emergency Services - Fire and Police services
  • Industrial - Offshore Oil Rigs and other over the water applications. Power Stations
  • Service Providers - Wireless Carriers and ISP's

Below is the summary of advantages using a Cambium system;

  • Non standard Protocols: achieves double the data throughput using the same frequency space
  • Higher availability than 802.11n standard radios using proprietary technology and protocols
  • Achieves near line of sight where others fail. Non line of sight capable in certain circumstances
  • Suitable to be deployed in hazardous (explosive chemicals and atmospheres) zones where compliance with ATEX and HAZLOC are a requirement to meet all safety regulations
  • AES encryption 128bit or 256bit as options for the highest forms of security
  • Up to 450Mbps half-duplex capacities

If you have any enquiries regarding this solution, please give our technical team a call on 01202 612400.