BridgeWave GE60 GE80 Gigabit Wireless Point to Point

Founded in 1999, BridgeWave delivers highly reliable, high capacity wireless solutions to carriers and government, including military applications.

Providing an excellent array of radio frequency bridge links, BridgeWave allows a customer to purchase a carrier grade, low throughput 100 Mbps with no encryption to a full multi-gigabit, light licenced E-band and AES encrypted wireless network, remotely upgradable through software licence keys to cater for growing organisations.

The BridgeWave difference

  • 28 years mean time between failure on all available products to outlive their requirements
  • 14 Years of industry history under their belt
  • Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) during design to ensure the highest level of product reliability
  • Highly Accelerated Stress Screening (HASS) during production to provide the highest customer satisfaction and product reliability
  • 18,000 wireless links installed in over 60 countries of the AR/BW/FE/GE series

BridgeWave BW Series

BridgeWave's BW links provide an economical solution for operators requiring sub-gigabit or gigabit availability between buildings. The BW series is designed to allow for granular upgrades in capacity to yield full-rate multi-gigabit speeds when needed to future-proof backbone connectivity.

  • Full-Duplex 125 Mbps upgradeable to gigabit through software licencing to GE or AR
  • Forward error correction for maximum link range
  • Fibre-like operation with low latency
  • 99.999% availability
  • 28 years MTBF

BridgeWave GE Series

Available as licence free and light licence, the GE series boasts the best full-gigabit Ethernet links manufactured by BridgeWave. The GE series can reach a modest range up to 11,500 meters.

  • Gigabit wireless Ethernet
  • Licence Free & Light Licence
  • Fibre equivalent latency performance
  • Upgradeable to include AR series software key
  • 28 years MTBF

BridgeWave FE Series

The FE series provides fast wireless Ethernet speeds up to 100 Mbps and distances up to 8,000 meters.

  • Fast Ethernet 100 Mbps upgradeable to Gigabit
  • Licence Free & Light Licence
  • 28 years MTBF
  • Upgradeable to GE or AR series with software key
  • 99.999% availability

BridgeWave AR Series

Providing adaptive modulation of 1 Gbps with fall back to 100 Mbps of AES encrypted data transmission up to 8,000 meters, the AR series is the leading product series in the range. Available in the 60 & 80 GHz range, the series is appetising to larger organisations looking for a secure, high throughput carrier grade solution.

  • Gigabit speeds
  • Secondary path switching for maximum service availability
  • Licence free & Light licence
  • Built in AES security software with added AES encryption hardware available
  • Highly secure narrow beam width

If you would like more information about a BridgeWave AR/BW/FE/GE wireless solutions please call us or use the contact us page.