The benefits of the Siklu EtherHaul-2X00 Series

These solutions are fantastic for a number of reasons; They only require a light licence though OFCOM when used in the UK meaning there will be minimal OPEX expenditure, they are relatively cheap to deploy, they offer fiber like quality of service in terms of availability and throughput and the frequency and narrow beam widths used means you won't suffer from interference from other radios. The only downside to these solutions was that its effective range was around 4Km. Typically if the required link was over 4Km and you wanted fiber like quality offer service you'd have to look at fully licensed frequencies which carry fairly hefty fees. The licence costs for these links can be thousands of pounds per year.

Siklu have bridged the gap. They have an E-band solution that will now provide 1 or 2 Gbps full-duplex connectivity over a distance of up to 7Km or further depending on the environment. They achieve this by using much wider channel widths (up to1250Mhz) than other solutions which enables the link to work at a lower modulation. The modulation can be as low as QPSK which is essentially 4 QAM. This means the link is going to be very robust in compassion to other available solutions. 

Product Benefits
  • Robust performance, highest full-duplex 2Gbps capacity achieved at only 32 QAM modulation.
  • Extended range variant achieves 7km/4.3mi reach due to wider channels, high TX power, and excellent receiver sensitivity.
  • Provide predictable and reliable services in the interference-free E-band.
  • Carrier-grade performance & networking:
  • Hitless adaptive bandwidth coding and modulation, synced with user configurable 8 levels H-QoS, ensure correlated payload prioritization.
  • MEF-compliant Ethernet OAM and CFM (IEEE 802.1ag / ITU-T Y.1731 / IEEE 802.3ah) for advanced monitoring and trouble shooting.
  • Mobile-backhaul variant delivers PTP timing over packet 1588v2 and SyncE for reliable and accurate synchronization.
  • Built-in Gigabit switch with extra copper and fiber ports enables seamless cascading.
  • Real-time streaming with <80µSec latency that supports extended cascading with low delays, and reduces the need for aggregation points.
  • Deploy dense and scalable networks anywhere. The wide 70/80GHz band, pencil width beams and 16x non-overlapping, user-selectable channels.
  • Zero-touch installation with only a voltmeter – no telco expertise necessary – and using optional activation from a NOC. Simple remote commissioning and troubleshooting with an integrated TCP/UDP capacity tester.
  • Multi-step capacity licenses for scalable and competitive rollouts and expansions.
  • Multiple antenna options for use in a variety of distance & link availability conditions.
  • Field proven advanced all-silicon integration increases reliability and reduces costs. The EtherHaul is the most deployed millimetre wave radio in the world.

If this product is of interest, please do get in touch. You can reach us on 01202 61240