Android 9 supports IEEE 802.11mc

Android 9 (API level 28) introduces great new features and capabilities for users and developers.

GPS tracks your precise location outdoors, 802.11mc Wi-Fi will be doing something similar indoors using a feature called Round Trip Time (RTT). The feature in Android 9 measures distance to other supporting devices, whether they are Access Points or Wi-Fi Aware peers.

Although today we won’t have many if any applications written to take advantage of this new feature, we fully expect to see application developers create a suite of location-based services similar to how Ruckus SPoT has enabled location-based services to deliver turn by turn mapping and other benefits to various sectors.

But what about privacy concerns?

Android 9 applications using 802.11mc will need to request location permissions and this data will be anonymous just like with outdoor tracking. The MAC address used during Wi-Fi RTT transactions are randomized, i.e., it must not match the native MAC address of the Wi-Fi interface. However, as an exception, when a device is associated with an AP, it may use the MAC address with which it is associated for any RTT transactions with that AP or with other APs.

You can read more on androids Wi-Fi RTT article and see how technically it is implemented.

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